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Fashion blogger Lyn Slater – now the face of Mango – at New York fashion week. And I want to be relevant, even with my wrinkles. We are important role models to younger women, and I love looking to older women who are leading the way. Finally, some brands are talking to me, but it took them a long time to catch on to the power of the silver จั๊มสูทเกาหลี spend.” It is predicted that by 2018 there will be 20 million over-55s in the UK, making up one in three of the population. Over-50s already account for around 47% of all UK consumer spending , so there is an economic incentive for businesses to target mature customers. “Not only are today’s over-55s wealthier, they are also healthier and have more time to spend their money before and during retirement,” says Ina Mitskavets, senior consumer and lifestyles analyst at Mintel. “All these factors are contributing to a rise in a mature demographic of shoppers eager to explore all the options available to them.” Over-65s spend £6.7bn a year on clothes in Britain, yet it is only recently that this age group has appeared in advertising campaigns for products other than insurance policies or stairlifts. Two years ago, Rebecca Valentine launched Grey Model Agency and now has 300 men and women on her books. “In the last six to 12 months we have received lots more briefs and bookings from cooler brands in the fashion, beauty and travel sectors,” says Valentine. “But it’s still important to have an element of aspiration: even older models must be exceptional looking. They need to appear fit and healthy, with glossy hair and clear eyes. The view of wrinkles is changing: now clients are looking for radiant complexions and don’t mind the lines.” One of Valentine’s signings is Frances Dunscombe, an 84-year-old former secretary who next month will appear on the cover of a major fashion magazine, surrounded by models of various ages, in a celebration of modern femininity.

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Sample size has a kind of stranglehold on the fashion industry so maybe women's magazines finding a way to disrupt that would lead to better representation for women who are anything other than very thin." On a more interpersonal level, it can often seem as though poor visibility trickles down to the notion that fashion is supposedly meant to be "aspirational." And, realistically, women and femmes are most often told to aspire to thinness. The logic that follows is that plus size individuals simply wouldn't look as good (or dreamlike, or envy-inducing) on those covers or in those clothes. A conversation about celebrating plus size people can never go long without being bombarded with the accusation that doing so " glorifies obesity " as well. But as Rutter tells Bustle, looking at images of people's bodies will never be enough to make you assume that body. "If you could make people thin by only showing them positive representations of thin women, I would have grown up thin," she jokes. At the end of the day, the positive value of navabi's images is undeniable. Blogger Danielle Vanier, who appeared in two of navabi's covers, tells Bustle that "it's clear from these mock front covers that each and every one of these women looks incredible. We need to see more of this in the media. Our bodies are worthy and our opinions on fashion and style are just as important as everyone else's." Chloe Pierre, also pictured in navabi's images, echoes her thoughts. "The truth, in all forms, is needed and craved by audiences everywhere now," she tells Bustle. "That's why navabi taking this major step is so important and, dare I say, innovative." Ultimately, there is not a single image in #MorePlusPlease that looks out-of-place or impossible to imagine.

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